• “Owning Regina” Audiobook is now available on Audible.com, iTunes, and Amazon
  • “Owning Regina” French edition, “Dominer Regina”, is available now – Translation by Maude Mainguy
  • “Owning Regina” is translated to German as “Regina, Mein Besitz”
  • Audiobook of “Owning Regina” released as podcast preview on iTunes
  • 2nd Novel, based on new characters and story “California Mean Girl,”  nears completion.
  • “Owning Regina” iTunes podcast passes 52,000 downloads.
  • Sequel to “Owning Regina” is underway (yet untitled).


Whew! Sexy Book!

This eBook is such a delightfully naughty account of heartfelt exploration and passion with the discovery of awakening sexual attraction between two women whose friendship leads to an exciting and solid relationship. This makes Fifty Shades of Boring look…well, there ya go!
The strong, clear writing well presented in diary format makes for an easy read as we follow Meg’s honest portrayal of her inner thoughts and emotions as she traverses an exciting life change to exploring a new sexuality and letting go of her inner reservations. – Ms. Wycleff